Paco Gil Shoes

Paco Gil, designer

An innate creator in constant evolution, a footwear and fashion designer continuously learning and expanding his horizons. His creations always have the personal stamp of the affable and charismatic designer with the transparent gaze and infinite conversation filled with a thousands anecdotes, who always handles his creations with a extreme delicacy, as if they were valuable jewels or breakable crystal.

With his years of experience, hard work and international recognition as an "icon" in the footwear industry, rather than becoming complacent, Paco Gil remains a professional who keeps developing his work with a passion, turning any trivial or minute detail into an incentive for his never ending capacity of this brillant creator.

His inspirations are versatile, ranging from complete improvisation with the day to day experiences,people, art, fashion runways and "the street".All of which are represented in his daring, sophisticated and smart designs. He takes these inspirations and trends and transforms them into a unique fashion design or look season after season; qualities that are reflected in the highest sexy platforms down to his casual playful ballerinas.

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Paco Gil Shoes

Avenida de las Olimpiadas, 3, Elda, Alicante, 03600, España

+34 965 391 340 / +34 965 395 962